Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Where have all the CEOs gone?

(Should that be sung to the tune of "Where have all the flowers gone" by Pete Seeger?)

I found the following job description on the web:

Chief Executive Officer - CEO

Develops primary goals, operating plans, policies, and short and long range
objectives for the organization. Implements these following Board of Directors'
approval. Directs and coordinates activities to achieve profit and return on
capital. Establishes organizational structure and delegates authority to
subordinates. Leads the organization towards objectives, meets with and
advises other executives and reviews results of business operations.
Determines action plans to meet needs of stakeholders. Represents
organization to financial community, major customers, government agencies,
shareholders, and the public.

Unfortunately, in reading this, I'm starting to believe that these are lost skills in the
realm of smaller companies (and especially in "dot-coms").

All companies, no matter the size or industry, need the "goals, operating plans,
policies, and short and long range objectives" described. Why is it so difficult to
find someone to provide them? (Note that I'm not even looking for them to be
the right goals, but almost any goal.)

Employees, partners and investors deserve them.